ORIX for Employees

The attention to detail you deserve

  • Maximise income

    Enjoy the one-on-one dedication of a personal Novated Leasing Specialist who will walk through the simple process of Novating and create a quote tailored to individual budget and lifestyle.

  • Trustworthy

    ORIX offers easy budget management with realistic maintenance budgets that include running costs like fuel, tyres and servicing covered in one simple payment.

  • Accessible

    Always there - ORIX’s OneView provides 24/7 comprehensive driver support service including lease information, alerts and reliable reporting.

The smart and easy way to afford the car of your dreams

Novated Leasing is often the best way to finance the vehicle that suits the family or lifestyle, offering flexibility, convenience, choice and cost savings.
  • Save tax and maximise income

    Finance and running costs are GST free and collected in part or wholly from an employees’ gross salary – reducing taxable income and optimising take-home pay.

  • It’s easy

    Set and forget with an ORIX Novated Lease – the simplest way to save.

  • Huge discounts at every turn

    Benefit from ORIX’s national network purchasing power on the price paid for the vehicle, with finance and running costs including fuel, tyres and servicing free of GST.

  • Transparent and trustworthy

    Unlike some providers, ORIX Novated Leasing gives full transparency with dedicated account management and industry leading, detailed and accurate 24/7 online reporting.


Let ORIX make Novated Leasing work for you

  • Pay less tax and pay less for petrol, running costs and maintenance
  • Simple one-step application process
  • Flexibility when choosing lease type, vehicle, dealer and insurance
  • One affordable monthly payment that means easy budgeting
  • Market-leading Novated reporting
  • 24-hour access to driver assistance
  • Realistic maintenance budgets and residual values
  • Multiple fuel card options
  • Locked in ORIX insurance premiums
  • Dedicated account management team
  • No amendment or documentation fees
  • Finance or Operating Lease options

Did you know that 100,000’s of Australians benefit from Novated Leasing every year?