Funding equipment to accelerate business growth

Asset Finance

Capitalise on the value of your existing equipment or invest in new equipment

We know that your assets are the backbone of your business. With our Asset Finance, you can purchase new and used equipment, plant, and technology assets and structure the payments to best suit your cash flow. We can also help you release equity in existing business equipment to help fund new assets.

What we offer

  • Finance for new and existing assets, from $500K to $50 million plus

  • Terms from 2 to 7 years

  • Asset secured finance

Fleet Services

Clients we work with

  • Ideal for performing mid-market Australian businesses across a range of industries
  • Businesses needing to access further equipment, plant, and new technology assets to grow without compromising cash flow
  • Businesses with quality underlying collateral, experienced ownership/management, and with high growth potential

Industries we work with

  • Transport & warehousing
  • Mining, infrastructure & construction 
  • Technology & renewables
  • Health & education
  • Government
  • Asset specialists
Delivery Packages from Van

Our flexible finance solutions

Fueling Vehicle

Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage allows you to borrow funds from ORIX to purchase assets. Whether you need 100% of the finance or have a deposit, ORIX can structure payments to suit your needs. Your business owns the assets, making repayments over an agreed term.

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Finance Lease

A Finance Lease is a lease agreement with ORIX owning the assets and your business leasing them for an agreed term. At end of lease, you can make an offer to purchase the assets from ORIX.

Forklift for hire and purchase

Hire Purchase

ORIX will own the assets for the duration of the Hire Purchase agreement, but the title transfers to your business after your final payment.

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Operating Lease

ORIX owns the assets and allows you to finance them for an agreed term. You need to make fixed monthly payments to cover the finance and servicing costs. If you wish to own the assets, we will also consider an offer to sell them to you.

The strength and experience to drive your business further


Flexible solutions

What if your business financial needs do not fit the mould? With our flexible finance solutions, we can flex and adapt to suit your business needs. From a Chattel Mortgage, Operating Lease, Finance Lease to a principal and agency finance solution, we’ll support your new ways of working. We have more options, better choices, and we’re open to helping you reach new possibilities.

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Trust and experience

We have been leading the way in finance and leasing for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on seeing things from your point of view while taking the time to understand your challenges and putting our innovative mindset and diversity of thought to work to tailor flexible solutions that drive value for your business.


Trust and experience

No business can stand still, not even us. Whether you are looking to make short-term changes to your business operations or acquire new equipment, our expertise and flexible finance solutions can help you prepare for anything that comes your way. We can move with you as your business grows, helping you to respond to new business opportunities so you can thrive.

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Richard Byrnes

General Manager – Specialised Finance

Ben akmens

Ben Akmens

Manager Corporate Relationships Specialised Finance

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