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May 2021 by ORIX

While Australia currently lags the world in electric vehicle (EV) take up, ORIX has an innovative solution for businesses keen to go green.

A sense of responsibility to the environment, along with increased interest from clients, inspired the leading fleet management company to add EVs to its extensive rental fleet.

“We feel it’s our duty to try to make more greener options available for our customers,” ORIX Rental General Manager Grant Harrison says. “Many of our customers want to understand the capabilities of EVs, but they don’t want to fully commit to purchase before seeing how it would impact their day-to-day operations.”

Grant says ORIX clients have told him they want to do their part to help the planet, but are hesitant to fully commit due to range anxiety, along with concerns about charging time and location, and the upfront cost. For example, if someone has a full day of customer meetings, will they need to build in downtime for recharging and map out station locations along their route? How long would it take a heavy duty electric commercial truck to plug in?

Visit the full article in AfMA’s FleetDrive e-magazine for April 2021.

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