ORIX Finance Lease for MBA Members

An ORIX Finance Lease gives you more flexibility and financial control over your vehicle fleet: by varying your deposit and lease term, your monthly lease rental charges and your vehicle’s residual value will change accordingly.

Optimising the cost of managing and running your fleet can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Orix Finance lease

Finance Lease

A traditional finance lease is a simple method of vehicle finance. Similar in many respects to a chattel mortgage, but ORIX owns the vehicle.   


Reliable. Flexible. Transparent.

  • With a Finance Lease, you can choose as to whether you are responsible for managing all servicing, repairs and maintenance, or whether ORIX manages some or all of these aspects on your behalf
  • Easy budgeting and planning with regular monthly payments
  • No significant upfront costs
  • Finance a wide range of vehicles from passenger, light commercial to heavy commercial
  • Allows additional accessories and fit outs
  • ORIX bargaining power provides access to discounts on repairs, tyres, fuel and maintenance (where ORIX is managing these aspects)
  • Our award-winning technology gives you 24/7 access to your entire fleet. We’ll provide continual oversight of your fleet so you can create customisable reports, track expenses and monitor your vehicles to identify opportunities for improved performance and cost reduction.
Orix Finance lease
Orix Finance lease

Funding your way

Sometimes you just need something different

ORIX never adopts a one-size-fits-all approach to Fleet Management. In addition to providing Fleet Management services, ORIX undertakes a review of every vehicle and provides recommendations on which of our services are suitable for each individual customer.

As one of Australia’s leading Fleet Management providers, we can take care of the day to day management of your fleet through flexible leasing, rental and mobility solutions that can lower your cost of operation and minimise the burden of managing your vehicles.

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