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We get where you’re coming from

Your business doesn’t fit the mould. We get it. You want work cars to match your business needs. Not having the right vehicle for a job can mean missing out on work opportunities.

Handle any sized job with our large range of passenger vehicles, light commercial and trucks. We can help you scale your work cars up or down to fit whatever you need.

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Work cars that flex with your business needs

Deciding what work cars you need for right now can be straight forward.  Knowing what’s around the corner that could change how you use your cars is more difficult. 

Getting the right advice so your work cars flex with your business needs is an important part of staying ahead of the pack.  And that’s where we can help.

Whether you need to scale up or down, combining long-term work car leases with short-term rental options can help you do this.  This way you can minimise work cars lying idle in quiet times and get the vehicles you need to take on an extra job, when things get busy. 

Running your business with fewer work cars

Your work cars are the backbone of your business. You can’t operate without them.  And they need to be ready, at a moment’s notice, to move your staff and goods from A to B.

Would having rental work cars onsite, to use as and when you need, help speed up your business, paying only when you drive them?  How about using a car subscription service so you can swap work cars to suit different job needs?  Or getting more use from your shared work cars by using an online carpool booking system, so your staff can book and use vehicles as needed?  Whatever your short-term needs, we can help.

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Spend more time in your business

We hear it all the time.  Businesses wishing they had more time to focus on running their business, not getting caught doing admin. 

Handing your work cars over to an experienced fleet manager can save you time and money, no matter the size of your fleet. Fleet managers can evaluate data trends, review your fleet performance and associated risks.  They can help you better optimise how you use your work cars, and how many you really need to run your business. Their knowledge and experience can help you get back to running your business.

Choose what you need for your business

Select one option or bundle a lease and rental together

Maintained Operating Lease

Lease includes all running expenses
  • Minimum 1 year
  • Routine service and maintenance included
  • Tyres included
  • Car registration included
  • Roadside assistance included**
  • Fuel is charged back
  • Insurance not included

Chattel Mortgage

Eventually own the vehicle at the end of the lease
  • Minimum 1 year
  • Routine service and maintenance is charged back
  • Tyres are charged back
  • Car registration is charged back
  • Roadside assistance is charged back**
  • Fuel is charged back
  • Insurance not included


Rent a range of vehicles from 1 day to 12 months
  • Minimum 1 day
  • Routine service and maintenance included
  • Tyres included
  • Car registration included
  • Insurance included*
  • Roadside assistance included**
  • Fuel is charged back

*Any damage to the car and to other peoples’ cars, will be covered. Refer to the Insurance PDS for standard exclusions.
** If the car breaks down, our roadside support will help you with towing, battery, and flat tyres.

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