Increase your liquidity with an
ORIX Sale and Leaseback

Access the value tied up in your fleet

Are you one of the many businesses looking for ways to increase your liquidity? ORIX Sale and Leaseback can help you access the value tied up in your fleet assets.

Sales and leaseback

ORIX Sale and Leaseback

An ORIX Sale and Leaseback can increase your liquidity and help you access the value tied up in your fleet assets.

We purchase your fleet and lease it back to you. It is a great way to turn your assets into liquidity.

With an additional cash injection, the transition also brings our valuable expertise and dedicated systems into your business.

Reliable. Flexible. Transparent.

  • Can be ideal for companies who want to grow, invest or acquire without borrowing
  • Relieves your company of any vehicle disposal issues
  • Perfect if looking at upgrading your fleet
  • Hand over your administrative burden to an experienced fleet manager
  • Benefit from our maintenance and servicing technical expertise and purchasing power.
Sales and leaseback

Improve your cashflow

ORIX’s team is working with eligible customers to access the value tied up in their fleet assets and give them greater flexibility in these uncertain times.

As Australia’s largest independent Fleet Management provider, we can offer flexible solutions that suit your needs and the need of business.

Sales and leaseback

If you want a fast and reliable temporary fleet solution to take advantage of new opportunities.

You can learn more about ORIX Rental.

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