What is a Novated Lease?

How it works

A Novated Lease offers you a simple and convenient way of including a vehicle in your salary package.

An ORIX Novated Lease is a three-way agreement between ORIX, your employer and you. You simply choose a vehicle; ORIX will then use its purchasing power to get you a great price. All vehicle finance and running costs including fuel, insurance, registration and servicing are bundled into one simple payment collected from your salary, saving you money.

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Choose your vehicle to estimate your savings and salary impact to see how an ORIX Novated Lease can work for you.

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The benefits of an
ORIX Novated Lease

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Save money

Take advantage of ORIX’s national purchasing power to receive fleet discounts on the price paid for your selected vehicle. Save on running costs like maintenance, tyres, and fuel with ORIX-negotiated discounts.

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Save time

Forget about managing separate payments when it comes to finance and running costs. ORIX creates a budget to cover items like maintenance, tyres, fuel, comprehensive insurance, registration and roadside assistance. The budgeted amount is added to your lease payment and included in one simple monthly payment that is taken out of your salary.

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ORIX starts with easy to understand quotes, transparency of fees and gives you access to your vehicle and lease information 24/7.

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Speak to the

ORIX Novated Relationship Managers may come to your workplace or meet with you digitally to discuss the details of Novated Leasing with you. Once you’re ready, our experienced team will guide you through the process and answer any queries relating to salary packaging a vehicle that may pop up along the way.

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Award winning technology at your finger tips

ORIX has the tools to make managing your lease simple. The ORIX Novated Companion App puts your ORIX Novated Lease information in the palm of your hand. You can manage your budget, find a service centre, seek reimbursement and much more. You can also access the information online 24/7 on ORIX OneView.

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With an ORIX Novated Lease you have the freedom to choose the vehicle that suits you, any make or model, new, used or even luxury! ORIX offers a range of lease options and inclusions to suit your individual needs. There’s even the option to move your lease to a new employer if you change jobs.

ORIX OneView

ORIX Novated Companion App

ORIX Novated
Companion App

Want to have more control in your life? The ORIX Novated Companion App gives you transparency and visibility of your lease, budget, and reimbursement information. Integrating with ORIX OneView, to give you real-time visibility of all transactions, as well as access to useful information like the location of service centres, how to replace a fuel card or to access breakdown assistance.

Electric Vehicles are now more affordable than ever

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*Offers available through an ORIX Novated lease on Tesla Model Y and Mitsubishi Outlander ordered between 01/02/24 – 29/02/24. The vehicles are subject to availability, state fees and manufacturer price changes. Standard delivery times apply. Actual vehicle may vary from the pictured model. Weekly salary impact may vary based on additional options selected with the vehicle. Weekly salary impact is based on a four-year lease term with 15,000kms travelled annually for delivery in New South Wales. Weekly salary impact is the effect on take-home pay (GST not applicable) with an annual gross salary of $120,000.

Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In

MY24 Plug-In Hybrid EV ES 5 Seat AWD ZM 5 door SUV (5 seat) 2.4L (185kw) 1spd Automatic 4WD ULP
$197.02 Weekly salary impact from*
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Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

MY24 Rear-Wheel Drive 5 door SUV (5 seat) (220kw) 1spd Automatic RWD Electric
$215.48 Weekly salary impact from*
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Considering an
ORIX Novated Lease?

8 questions to ask before you sign

Knowledge is power, especially when entering a Novated Lease for the first time. But if you don’t know what you don’t know, how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal? By asking the right questions upfront, you’re far more likely to identify if a Novated Lease is right for you. So here are eight questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line.

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“I have had several leases through ORIX over the past years and have always found the team exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful whenever I have dealt with them. Reimbursements are always promptly paid and issues speedily resolved. ORIX also continuously improve with apps and online services.”
Christa Bell
Controls Advisor Asia Pacific


An ORIX Novated Lease is a three-way agreement between ORIX, your employer and you. You simply choose a vehicle; ORIX will then use its purchasing power to get you a great price.

All vehicle finance and running costs including fuel, insurance, registration and servicing are bundled into one simple payment collected directly from your salary; your employer then makes the payment to ORIX.

You can choose any make and model–new, used or a luxury vehicle. ORIX can even purchase your current vehicle and lease it back to you. Although most vehicles are eligible for an ORIX Novated Lease, some vehicles may be ineligible (for example, vehicles older than ten years or greater than 200,000 km by lease end). Please contact an ORIX Novated Leasing Specialist for more information.

Yes, you can organise the price from your local dealer and ORIX will purchase from them directly. Alternatively let ORIX find the best price for a new vehicle from within ORIX’s preferred dealer network.

Yes, provided the vehicle will not be older than 10 years or greater than 200,000 klms by the end of the lease. This includes ORIX purchasing a vehicle your already own or have under finance.

You can use the supplier locator on the ORIX Novated Companion App or on this website via the Driver Support page.

Approximately three months before the end of your lease, ORIX will send you a reminder. We will work with you to choose what to do next. 

You may be able to extend the term of your lease, offer to purchase the vehicle from ORIX, or finance a new vehicle. If you have a finance lease, there will be a residual amount that you will need to pay to ORIX. If you have an operating lease, there is no balloon amount or similar to pay.

ORIX sets the residual value based on the lease term, in line with the ATO’s minimum residual value guidelines. For Finance Leases, this residual value will be set out on the quote.

Either complete the Contact ORIX form, or email novated@orix.com.au or call on 1300 363 993 Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm (AEST)

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