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Innovative real-time data, cutting-edge analytics and revolutionary technology. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways to optimise our customers’ fleet and operations.

With ORIX OneView, turn large volumes of data into useful insights, with a clear view of your fleet cost and usage at all times. Whether you are committed to sustainable solutions or alternative fuel sources, we can build you a connected fleet that is fit for the future of your business.

Orix: Leader in Fleet technology
Daily operational and performance fleet data

ORIX OneView

ORIX OneView places daily operational and performance fleet data at your fingertips. Capture vital information from multiple devices and providers – compliance, fuel, maintenance, parts, downtime and other telematic details in one consolidated view. Allowing you to identify the information you need when you need it.

ORIX OneView lets you actively and strategically manage your fleet using consolidated data analysis from our state-of-the-art intuitive dashboard. View big picture details such as vehicle lease contracts, invoices and scheduled servicing. Manage every aspect of your fleet from OneView’s intuitive dashboard.

You can dive into granular data with distance, fuel consumption and overall activity metrics. Build customisable reports as and when you need them to optimise your operations.

ORIX OneView connects with ORIX i, ORIX Share and the ORIX Fleet Companion App into one integrated platform.

Vehicle supply chain solutions

Launched in July 2019, our online vehicle supply chain solution provides end-to-end vehicle order visibility through our ORIX OneView customer platform. Customers, suppliers and ORIX Account Managers can track the build progress of customised vehicles through each step of the chain, from order to delivery, and answer that all important question ‘When will I get my vehicle?’.

Sales and leaseback
ORIX Share

ORIX Share

Fleets are often under-utilised, and many organisations recognise there is a better way to keep their businesses moving than assigning the traditional ‘company car’ to individual employees.

ORIX Share gives you a centralised online booking platform for your pool cars, accessed through ORIX OneView.


Robust telematics solutions that provide genuine analytical insight into your fleet operations.

Specifically designed for you to access using the ORIX OneView platform, providing a uniquely integrated web-based Fleet Management solution.

As an integral component ORIX OneView, ORIX i puts you in control of your fleet with a single consolidated, data-rich dashboard view. 

Orix share with circle
Orix Fleet Reporting

ORIX Strategic Insights

Stay in control with the power to observe, report on and manage your fleet from one convenient platform.

With our state-of-the-art reporting technology, your ORIX Account Manager can actively and strategically manage your fleet using ORIX’s Strategic Insights for robust data analysis.

You also have the ability to observe, amend and report on your fleet through ORIX OneView with access to your vehicle reporting 24-hours a day. Confidently drive, collaborate or oversee—in real-time—the evidence-based management of your fleet.

ORIX Fleet Companion App

Empower your drivers to make your fleet as efficient as possible.

The ORIX Fleet Companion App gives you better visibility of driver behaviours and vehicle information by giving your team easy access to the tools they need to get the job done.

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