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Orix strategic insights

ORIX Strategic Insights

With our state-of-the-art reporting technology, we actively and strategically review your fleet using ORIX’s Strategic Insights for robust data analysis.

The ability to observe, amend and report on your fleet, puts you in control of your vehicles. Our team can drive, collaborate or oversee, in real-time, the evidence-based management of your fleet.

Our team can help you make effective and timely operational decisions, optimise complex fleet compositions, streamline performance inefficiencies, and minimise unnecessary costs.

Actionable insights
in seconds

ORIX Strategic Insights help us turn large volumes of data into useful insights, providing a clear view of your fleet’s cost and use. From detailed transactional data on lease and driver details, to fleet services, we can manage every facet of the fleet. Data can be filtered for analysis and customisable reports run as required. Set alerts for events including registrations, end of lease, and other events (for example, exceptions outside pre-set operational thresholds).

We can analyse your fleet to identify potential savings and improvements using our leading Fleet Management technology solutions, or we can provide customised reports for you to access online through ORIX OneView.

The ability to report on every fleet function from a single integrated platform puts you in control of your vehicles 24-hours a day, enabling you to:

  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Make timely operational decisions
  • Optimise complex fleet compositions
  • Reduce performance inefficiencies.
Orix strategic insights

Using ORIX
Strategic Insights

  • ORIX can drill down on specific fleet metrics and compare against trends and benchmarks relating to fleet performance, identifying potential cost savings
  • ORIX can analyse existing categories including vehicle and fuel analysis, maintenance, infringements, tolls, utilisation and benchmarking
  • You gain access to our expertise – our team will support you in analysing your data and provide detailed insights either in person or via video link or at a convenient location that suits you.
Orix strategic insights

The key to effective Fleet Management is not in the collection of data for data’s sake, but rather in the insights drawn from that data.

Let our reporting empower you to identify efficiencies and opportunities for cost savings that others may miss.

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