Let VOOM get you the right
vehicle and finance for your small business

How it works

We are making a positive change to the vehicle acquisition and finance experience for small and medium businesses. Faster, simpler and secure.


your vehicle

You can compare a range of popular makes and models before selecting and configuring your vehicle. Want a towbar in matte black? Add accessories, pick your colour, and we'll organise the rest, using our nationwide dealer network.


your finance

You choose the best finance solution that suits your business needs or you can even buy the vehicle outright.


Pick a
services card

Depending on your finance solution you have the option to choose a services card. Use your services card for easier tracking and payment of servicing, maintenance and discounted fuel, all on one invoice.



Once you are happy with your final quote, complete an online application form and get a decision fast on your finance and vehicle delivery date.


Pick up and
drive away

Sign all financing documents and arrange pick up for your vehicle.

Select your finance option

Operating Lease

VOOM owns the vehicle while you use it for your business.

Your monthly payment covers the lease payment and running expenses including the cost of maintenance, tyres and registration.

At the end of the lease term, you hand the vehicle back to ORIX with no ‘balloon’ or similar payments.

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Our Services
Card offering

We make it easy to consolidate your on-road expenses through our services cards.

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Our difference

We’re bringing a positive change to the way you acquire and finance a vehicle for your business

Disrupting the dealer experience for small business owners

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"We surveyed small business owners to find out what’s important to them when searching for a business vehicle. They told us they were unsure of where they could get a great deal without having to spend hours hopping from dealership to dealership. A simple solution to manage their vehicle and cost-savings that would continue to flow on throughout the life of their vehicle was the extra value they were looking for. We realised what they really wanted was a simple way to compare and buy vehicles. They loved the time and money saved throughout the life of operating their vehicles."
Vanesa Vera
Small & Medium Business Fleet Specialist

The top selling vehicles keeping Australian
small businesses on the move

Are you wasting time managing your
business vehicles?


All your business needs is good credit history, repayment capacity and at least two years in business.

VOOM helps you not only find your vehicle, but also helps you get into it. VOOM offers a range of funding options that suit you and your business. Whether you’re looking to buy outright, call on a loan to own or are looking to lease, we have financing options that let you bypass tedious bank paperwork and get you on the road faster.

Buyers visit an average of three to five dealerships when shopping for a new vehicle. That’s hours of time spent away from the office or chunks of your weekend you’ll never get back. With VOOM, you don’t have to visit dealerships and negotiate for hours on end to get the right price on the right vehicle. Hop online at any time, browse at work during slow periods or from your couch on the weekend. We’ll even deliver to your doorstep!

You can build your vehicle as you see fit.  Choose colours, accessories and bodies that suit your business.

VOOM is Australia’s first full-service online vehicle seller and financier, specifically built to help small to medium sized businesses buy or lease passenger and light commercial vehicles. View hundreds of options and find flexible financing solutions without wasting time driving around. VOOM lets you skip the hassle with a convenient online tool that’s faster, simpler and more secure.

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