Real-time telematics to improve
driver safety and efficiency

Drive measurable results, with one integrated solution

With any investment in new technology, you want to ensure a positive return. An effective telematics solution can deliver this by allowing you to optimise resourcing and identify efficiency gains while providing the data you need in one integrated platform to make confident evidence-based decisions.

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ORIX i delivers a comprehensive suite of telematics capabilities, giving you critical insights that help you make evidence-based decisions without the need for extensive data analysis. ORIX i can reveal the hidden daily costs of operating a fleet while placing real-time driver behaviour monitoring at your fingertips.

Gain visibility of driver behaviour; identify low, medium and high-risk drivers letting you take proactive actions reducing the risk of accidents and vehicle down-time.

Data from each vehicle is transmitted through an in-vehicle monitoring (or “telematics”) system giving you an auditable record of incidents and driver behaviour with time and date stamps.

Our approach to data integration is agnostic. If you already have a fleet telematics solution in place, you can still maximise its potential by integrating it into ORIX i and ORIX OneView – giving you a single sign-on portal for all your fleet data.

Telematics made easy

Using ORIX i, you can:

  • Enhance vehicle utilisation and reduce downtime through improved monitoring 
  • Improve productivity using real-time tracking data
  • Enforce better route planning backed by live tracking data
  • Use data on idle time and speed management to identify potential fuel savings
  • Easily identify problematic driving behaviours 
  • Incorporate company benchmarking
  • Reduce administration by capturing trip data through the ORIX Fleet Companion App (The app is also available as a stand alone product)
  • Maintain for FBT Logbook purposes.
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Create a culture of safe driving

Creating a culture of safe driving behaviour delivers positive benefits for your people and your business reputation.

Telematics data can help you uncover driver trends, mitigate the risks of careless driving, and potentially prevent accidents before they occur. ORIX i gives you a simple snapshot of individual driver behaviour.

Using ORIX i‘s telematics, you maximise asset utilisation, accurately measure vehicle usage and better manage maintenance schedules. You can further maximise the use of your vehicles using our shared mobility solution, ORIX Share facilitates pool booking arrangement for your shared vehicles and asset resources.

By analysing historical trips, you can optimise regular routes to include multiple destinations or redeploy drivers to meet pressing business needs close to their location. Through ORIX OneView, you can see the location of every vehicle on a map, so you can track live movements and quickly aid a driver in an emergency.

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ORIX i is fully integrated with our award-winning ORIX OneView platform, giving you complete transparency of your fleet’s day-to-day operations, helping you make better decisions to improve fleet efficiency, productivity, and driver behaviour.

Learn more about the ORIX Fleet Companion App.

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