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Retain valuable employees, increase employee satisfaction and become an employer of choice with an ORIX Novated Lease.

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With ORIX, your employees have full visibility of their Novated Lease information and quotation details.

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When you deal with ORIX as an outsourced provider of Novated Lease services, you are dealing with both financier and manager. This makes our interest rates and management fees very competitive.

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Employee engagement and education

Attract and retain high-calibre talent with the financial benefits and flexibility of ORIX Novated Leasing as part of their salary package. ORIX’s dedicated Novated Education Managers will provide education for your employees wherever you are in Australia.

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Customer service

ORIX has dedicated account management and comprehensive fleet and FBT reporting. Employees deal directly with our specialist Novated team, who have the knowledge to answer any queries relating to salary packaging a vehicle.

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ORIX has the flexibility to work within all your company policies. We provide invoicing, FBT and ‘tied to payroll’ options to reduce your administrative burden and help manage your payroll deductions.

Electric Vehicles are now more affordable than ever

The Government has passed the Treasury Laws Amendment (Electric Car Discount) Bill 20221 to exempt (non-luxury) electric cars (including battery electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric cars) from Fringe Benefits Tax.

The exemption applies to battery electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric cars acquired via a Novated Lease, priced below the luxury car tax threshold ($84,916 for the 2022-23 income year) that are purchased on or after 1 July 2022.

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Transition to ORIX

ORIX operates a structured transition process that provides maximum support and ensures the transition process is as smooth as possible for all concerned. During transition we:

  • Leave existing lease finance in place so employees do not incur early termination charges
  • Take over management of inlife services and budget monitoring at no additional cost
  • Capture year-to-date FBT payments from the incumbent provider and provide full FBT reporting 
  • Provide employees with secure logins for our online and mobile customer interfaces (for example the ORIX Novated Companion App) to allow them to manage their accounts and transactions effortlessly.

Education to employees

Putting Novated Education Managers in front of your people is the most effective way to educate your staff on how ORIX Novated Leasing works and how it can benefit them. ORIX’s team of national on-site educators are skilled to demystify the complexities of Novated Leasing and excite them about its potential savings.

Every ORIX Novated Leasing customer has its own dedicated website that can be accessed via your company intranet for employees to book an education session or find important information on ORIX Novated Leasing.

Employee education program
Orix novated lease employers program

Benefits day

We can arrange events to promote and market ORIX Novated Leasing to your workplace. From high impact activities to free coffee and muffins, we will work with you to develop on-site activities that meets your needs for both frequency and type of activity.

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ORIX Novated Companion App

ORIX Novated
Companion App

The ORIX Novated Companion App gives your employees transparency and visibility of their lease, budget and reimbursement information. Integrating with ORIX OneView, to give employees real- time visibility of all transactions, as well as access to useful information like the location of service centres, how to replace a fuel card or to access breakdown assistance.

Driving employee satisfaction

WSP Australia

When WSP Australia required a new Novated Leasing partner, ORIX provided the support that made a previously complex process easier than ever.

Novated Lease employers

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An ORIX Novated Lease offers employees a simple and convenient way of including a vehicle in their salary package. Finance and running costs are GST-free and collected (in part or in full) from an employees’ gross salary, reducing taxable income and potentially optimising take home pay. Your employees can also save, with fleet discounts on vehicle purchase and running costs such as maintenance, tyres and fuel. Your employees can choose a vehicle that suits their lifestyle and business needs and even keep the vehicle if they change jobs.

Your employee chooses the car they want and enters into either a Finance Lease or operating lease with ORIX. Your employee, the employer and ORIX enter into a Novation Agreement under which the employer assumes the payment obligations under the lease (the employee remains responsible for the use and maintenance of the vehicle). The employer deducts the lease payment from the employee’s salary and makes the lease payments to ORIX. (The lease payments include maintenance and operating costs depending on the employee’s choice of services.)

If the employee leaves the company before the lease expires, the employer must notify ORIX. The novation ceases and the employee then becomes responsible for making the lease payments.

The employer pays the GST on the lease rentals and, provided the employer can claim the input tax credit, the amount of the GST is not passed on to the employee. During the lease term, the employer is also responsible for the calculation and payment of FBT. ORIX can provide reports to help you with your FBT compliance.

Novated Leasing is one of the very few staff benefits you can offer to your employees at minimal cost to your business. Offering employees more benefits can lead to greater job satisfaction company-wide.

With an ORIX Novated Lease, your employees can achieve significant savings in upfront vehicle purchase prices, running costs and time, with greater flexibility and choice of motor vehicle. Other employee benefits may include:

  • Income Tax savings
  • GST savings
  • Access to fleet discounts
  • Fuel savings
  • Increased certainty around budgeting and cash flow
  • Flexible lease terms.

Offering your employees ORIX Novated Leasing also gives you the convenience of centralised Fleet Management of your employees’ vehicles.

Some HR and payroll managers believe that Novated Leasing attracts a whole lot of additional administration, e.g. maintaining policy, salary deductions, remittances, budget reconciliations and of course dealing with FBT. All valid concerns if the wrong provider is appointed. At ORIX, we take care of the heavy lifting and help you with administration and paperwork. One of our Novated team will become your main point of contact to ensure the experience for you and your employees is as smooth as possible.

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