A better way to manage your
shared vehicles or assets

A centralised platform for your pool vehicles

ORIX Share has been designed to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of running your a fleet by helping you optimise vehicle utilisation. 

In 2020, ORIX was recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative companies for ORIX Share, ranking at #5 on the property, construction and transport companies list, from more than 600 nominated organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

Orix Share

ORIX Share

Fleets are often under-utilised, and many organisations recognise there is a better way to keep their businesses moving than assigning the traditional ‘company car’ to individual employees.

However, pool car systems only work effectively if shared cars are available when they’re needed. They only provide cost savings if vehicles are used appropriately.

ORIX Share gives you a centralised online booking platform for your pool owned or leased cars, accessed through ORIX OneView. Our award winning automated booking system helps you make more informed decisions about your fleet size, composition, and location.

Pool bookings made easy

Drivers can quickly and easily book their vehicle in advance, recording the business purpose as part of the booking. ORIX Share then provides you with data that you can analyse by employee, vehicle, location, cost centre, or across the entire fleet. You have a ready record of where your vehicles are and why each trip was taken.

Using ORIX Share, it becomes easier to:

  • Optimise the utilisation of your pool cars
  • Allocate vehicle use expenses within and across cost centres
  • Determine an optimal fleet size, composition and location by assessing daily utilisation
  • Retrieve feedback on the mechanical state and condition of the pool vehicles
  • Book vehicles from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Orix One view booking screen

Why use ORIX Share?

  • Flexible design – easily accommodate your company car policy and driver acknowledgements into the platform
  • Reduced downtime – receive up-to-the-minute damage notifications, kilometre updates and maintenance status reports
  • Consolidated reporting across multiple locations – create customisable reports providing a full view of vehicle and driver utilisation for easy decision making, helping you identify potential cost savings
  • Reduced administration – your drivers can book a vehicle from anywhere and on any device allowing them to ‘self-serve’ their bookings based on specific vehicle requirements and availability. No need for the fleet administrator to make bookings or allocate vehicles
  • Complete transparency in one platform – ORIX Share is integrated into ORIX’s online platform, ORIX OneView so you view all bookings under the one platform.
Orix Share
“Carpooling is a well-established concept re-imagined for today's working environment with ORIX Share. Giving clients the flexibility to reduce their fleet size is a terrific result for them. ORIX Share is another example of our ability to disrupt our industry for our clients’ benefit.”
Reggie Cabal
ORIX Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

When a customer came to us looking for a better way to manage its pool vehicles, we were able to help.

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