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We're helping Beehive move their busy bees from A to B

Beehive Industries

Beehive Industries is a not-for-profit organisation supporting more than 250 seniors who are long-term unemployed, living with a disability and rely on the support of social enterprise operations. ORIX Australia is proud to support Beehive Industries with an ex-leased vehicle to expand its transport needs and bring more seniors together in a socially inclusive environment to connect and participate in local activities.

Investing in a cure for Australia

Cure Cancer Australia has funded over 500 research grants.

Cure Cancer Australia funds early-career cancer researchers who are working across any cancers and any areas of cancer research.

ORIX & Cure Cancer Australia

With 380 people diagnosed with cancer every day, ORIX Australia is proud to continue supporting Cure Cancer Australia as it undertakes this important research and enables the next generation of researchers. ORIX Australia has supported Cure Cancer Australia since 2016 and fundraises once a year through a BarbeCure (BBQ lunch) in which we provide a dollar-for-dollar corporate match for staff donations.

Orix Community

Helping Australian kids succeed

Across 41 countries, United Way aims to improve education, employment, health and housing outcomes in disadvantaged communities. In Australia its work focuses on early literacy and youth unemployment in over 35 vulnerable communities.

Orix Community Gathering

ORIX & United Way

ORIX is a member of the Macquarie Business Park Partnership, which is a collaboration of leading corporates in the area aimed at providing a lasting contribution to the local community. 

The Macquarie Business Park Partnership is the first of its kind in Australia and works with United Way to support children aged 0-5 and youth in the local community by providing direct funding for early learning and youth employment opportunities.

ORIX supports United Way’s Ready to Read and Ready to Succeed programs through its membership of the Macquarie Business Park Partnership. The Ready to Succeed program supports local high school students from Marsden High School at risk of leaving school early. ORIX employees provide real-life work experience opportunities and mentoring both at the school and within the workplace, including sharing real life stories and alternative pathways for future career prospects.

Fighting hunger in Australia

Foodbank Australia is the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia, providing support to over 2,400 charity partners and over 2000 schools across the country, helping to provide food to more than 815,000 people in need each month. It acts as a ‘pantry’ for charities and community groups who feed the hungry and links the food industry’s surplus with the wider community.

ORIX & Foodbank

ORIX Australia has been involved with Foodbank since 2013. Each quarter, we provide volunteers to assist in the picking and packing of food items to be transported to various charity groups. We also run a food drive once a year prior to the run up to Christmas in the NSW and VIC offices by encouraging staff to donate canned food and or dry goods. 

Orix Community doing fruit shopping

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