More than fleet

What moves us

ORIX moves your people and products from A to B, simply, safely and more cost effectively.

We are a diverse team of people who can help you do more with less by reducing your operational asset costs and minimising the risks associated with vehicle investment. By having transparency of your fleet through our leading technology combined with our expert knowledge, we can empower you to take control of your fleet.

With our insights and expertise, we continually add value with the aim of driving your business forward.

No matter how complex your requirements or the conditions you operate under, our flexible solutions will give you more confidence and cost certainty in every aspect of managing your fleet.

We’re constantly challenging ourselves to make an impact by improving ways of working, whether it’s through developing new technology or analysing business insights, we want to help customers build the connected fleet of the future.

Why orix

What we believe

For more than 30 years our integrated, innovative vehicle solutions have kept Australian businesses moving and growing. As part of one of the world’s leading Fleet Management organisations, we use our insights and expertise to offer unrivalled strength, stability and choice.

We understand the risk of standing still for modern businesses. We want to help your business realise its potential by uncovering the real cost of standing still, revealing hidden growth opportunities and making the transition to streamlined, technology led operations easier than you expect.

Our mission

Our core purpose is to provide safe, reliable and efficient transport solutions with the potential to support business transformation in the future. Our diverse team of experts understand what is takes to respond to the fast-changing business environment of today and will bring new opportunities to help our customers thrive. We will continue to invest in our people, and together, we will build our future and a future for our customers – to put it simply, we are ‘More than fleet’.

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Enhanced flexibility

We uncover opportunities and respond more quickly to your needs

The way you work has changed, and the way you move your business needs to be just as flexible – no matter how complex your fleet needs, or where you put them to work.

We are uniquely positioned as one of the only diversified financial services and Fleet Management companies in Australia and New Zealand with a full national rental division offering flexible vehicle solutions tailored to the changing demands of our customers.

From vehicle rental by the hour to car-pooling platforms, our flexible solutions let you respond to opportunities fast. We can help you scale your fleet up or down to meet your changing requirements.

Understanding your risk

Safeguard your people, vehicles, and financial security

Safeguarding your people and assets is one of the hardest tasks for your business to manage. The moment you take your eye off the ball, you could be putting your organisation at risk. 

We make vehicle and driver safety a priority. We’ve invested time and money in establishing robust platforms to put customers in control of the evolving risks of managing a mobile workforce. We can pinpoint an optimal fleet structure by sourcing and maintaining vehicles that meet your needs, reducing the risk of unnecessary costs and interruptions further down the line. We can help you do more with less. 

With ORIX, we will help you put a strategy in place to reduce your operational costs and minimising the financial risks associated with vehicle investment.

Reduce your operational costs
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Complete transparency

We help you understand your entire fleet’s performance, safety and costs

With full visibility, you can avoid budget surprises and have more certainty. As telematics data grows year on year, you need quick access to the most relevant insights to make smarter decisions – from driver safety to the total cost of ownership.

Through our award-winning, innovative technology platforms, you have visibility of your entire fleet, including leased vehicles, or vehicles you own whether they are tools of trade or novated leases. This is key to identifying efficiencies, savings and opportunities throughout the entire lifecycle of your vehicles and to continually improve performance.

Having transparency of your fleet through our leading technology combined with our expert knowledge, we can empower you to take control of the challenging requirements of your fleet. With ORIX, we provide you with an understanding of the total cost of ownership, so you can take back control of your fleet.

Increased confidence

Have the confidence to keep your business moving

ORIX has operated at the forefront of vehicle leasing in the APAC for over 50 years. The foundation of our business is built on helping you have confidence in what we deliver.

The ability to observe, amend and report on every fleet function from a single platform puts you in control of your vehicles 24-hours a day. You can drive, collaborate or oversee, in real-time, the evidence-based management of your fleet.

No matter how complex your requirements or the conditions you operate under are, our reliable solutions will give you more confidence and cost certainty in every aspect of managing your fleet.

We’ll put you back in the driving seat – so you can confidently focus on navigating your business through change while we take care of the important details.

Confidence and cost certainty

Independent experts.
Innovative solutions. Trustworthy advice.

Stability and

Across APAC, ORIX Group specialises in Fleet Leasing and Management services with approximately 1.7m vehicles under management. ORIX Australia Corporation Limited (OACL) and ORIX New Zealand Limited (ONZ) have offered Australian and New Zealand companies a comprehensive and flexible range of vehicles and fleet solutions for over 30 years.

Confidence and

Our award-winning technology platforms and mobile applications are designed to help you realise more from your fleet. Our commitment to innovation and development allows us to delve deeper and uncover more, so we can offer you more strategic insights that will move your business further.

Direct and indirect
cost savings

From upfront business analysis to ongoing strategic support, ORIX understands the importance of seamless day-to-day transactions that optimise business operations. With a goal of maximising budgets and minimising loss, we’ll uncover opportunities that save money now and into the future.

Why orix

The ORIX team

At ORIX, we value the diversity of talent, experience and contribution of every person in our team. Our gender equality strategy enables us to advance the culture of our workforce to reflect the community we operate in.

Our team shares a passion for innovation and growth and we strive to provide constant development, the opportunity to thrive and make a difference in a supportive environment.

Dedication to business quality

ORIX has developed industry leading internal measurement systems that provide critical feedback to management across all key areas of the business.

Systems are also in place to continually improve service delivery, speed and quality.

Global network

Global network

ORIX Australia is a member of Global Fleet Services (GFS). GFS is an alliance of premier Fleet Leasing and Management providers that are recognised as market leaders in their respective regions across APAC, Nth America, UK, Europe and Africa with a combined total of over 3 million vehicles in 78 countries around the world.

This network enables the development of strategic initiatives through benchmarking and identification of global fleet synergies.

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