Fulton Hogan and ORIX launch their first SEA Electric truck

October 2020 by ORIX

Large infrastructure construction, roadworks and aggregate supplier company Fulton Hogan, in collaboration with ORIX Australia Corporation Limited, have launched their first all-electric SEA Electric commercial truck.

The SEA Hino 917 EV will be used by Fulton Hogan as a road sign and maintenance truck in a local city council in Melbourne, Australia at the City of Port Phillip.

Fulton Hogan CEO – Infrastructure Services, Matthew MacMahan says the team is excited to introduce the first fully electric maintenance vehicle into their fleet. “The technology aligns with Fulton Hogan’s commitment to sustainable transport and roadworks solutions,” he said.

Scott Thorpe, ORIX’s General Manager Sales and Marketing said “ORIX is a Fleet Management leader, specialising in the acquisition, financing and management of vehicles including electric vehicles.  We share SEA Electrics’ ambition to identify and implement environmentally sustainable solutions that support organisational requirements. ORIX is extremely proud to have worked with long standing client, Fulton Hogan, on this electric vehicle.”

The commercial electric vehicle has zero emissions for improved carbon footprint and saves significant costs with reduced fuel and lower maintenance costs. It is also whisper quiet, reducing noise pollution in urban streets.

Plus, in a world first, the electric truck has outlets for power tools to be used roadside, powered off the EV trucks’ battery rather than a fossil fuel powered generator.

“The SEA Electric team had some fun bringing this idea to reality”, said Glen Walker SEA Electric’s Regional Director of Oceania. “We joked we have just built the world’s most versatile zero emissions power board.”

“We thank Fulton Hogan and ORIX for giving SEA Electric another opportunity to prove the ability, adaptability and versatility of our SEA-Drive® technology. This vehicle also expands upon the increasingly productive collaboration between SEA Electric and Hino Trucks Australia.”

The electric truck is built on a Hino 917 platform, however future orders can be adapted to most OEM glider platforms. Powered by the SEA-Drive® 100 power-system with a 100kWh battery capacity, which produces 108kW maximum power. More importantly for a commercial vehicle the SEA-Drive® 100 produces maximum torque of 1,000Nm, has a range of up to 275km (unladen), with onboard three-phase charger that can be charged to 80% within 5 hours.  The EV truck also has CCSD DC fast charge.

About Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan is a large infrastructure construction, roadworks and aggregate supplier company in New Zealand, which is also active in wider Australasia. The company was founded by Julius Fulton and Robert Hogan in Dunedin in 1933.

About ORIX

ORIX Australia is part of the global ORIX Group, the largest fleet management company in the Asia Pacific region with over 1,100 offices and 1.8 million assets under lease and management throughout the region. We recognise our role is to use our expertise to assist clients identify solutions that reduce their environmental impact and embed more sustainable practices without compromising business operations. As such, we look to integrate sustainability into all areas of our decision-making and solutions we offer to clients.

About SEA Electric

SEA Electric is a global automotive technology company specialises in the assembly and electrification of 100% electric commercial vehicles around the world.  They deal directly with companies (and work alongside automotive OEM’s and upfitting partners) to supply and licence their patented technology.

SEA Electric was founded in 2013.  After four years of product development and testing, SEA Electric launched their commercial operations in early 2017, triggered by the reduction in battery kWh pricing that would allow commercial feasibility in offering electric drivetrains to the global market.

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