Finance a new car through ORIX

Bundle your car lease payments and running costs into one simple payment deducted from your salary, and save on the drive-away price, GST, and running costs.

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Finance your new car
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Novated lease for individuals

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Make the most of your salary - and drive your dream car

ORIX solutions include flexible leasing arrangements and extensive vehicle options allowing you to choose the car you want.

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Save on running costs like maintenance, tyres, fuel with nationally agreed discounts. Plus pay no GST on the purchase price and running costs.

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Simple repayments straight from your salary covers the finance and running costs including maintenance, services and petrol – so it’s easy to budget.

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Discounts at
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ORIX can pass on extra value through fuel discounts, and access to our fleet discounts on the purchase price.

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With your ORIX Novated Companion App, you can access information on your lease, current spending, budgets, service details and more – online and on the go.

Personalised. Transparent. Dedicated.


With ORIX, a dedicated ORIX Novated Specialist is allocated to each enquiry to find the best price and car to suit your lifestyle or budget.


Our quotes are easy to understand so you know exactly what’s in and what’s not included. What’s even better – there is no establishment or amendment fees.

individual-fleet leasing

We help you set realistic maintenance budgets to help you stay on track throughout the term of your lease. Other providers can set unrealistic budgets, meaning drivers may have to pay more later in their lease.

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An ORIX Novated Lease is a three-way agreement between ORIX, your employer and you. You simply choose a vehicle; ORIX will then use its purchasing power to get you a great price.

All vehicle finance and running costs including fuel, insurance, registration and servicing are bundled into one simple payment collected directly from your salary; your employer then makes the payment to ORIX.

You can choose any make and model–new, used or a luxury vehicle. ORIX can even purchase your current vehicle and lease it back to you. Although most vehicles are eligible for an ORIX Novated Lease, some vehicles may be ineligible (for example, vehicles older than ten years or greater than 200,000 km by lease end). Please contact an ORIX Novated Leasing Specialist for more information.

A Novated Lease is a low-cost approach to financing a vehicle where you can access discounted vehicle purchase and running costs, which are also GST free and collected in part or wholly from your salary, reducing taxable income and optimising take-home pay. It’s recommended you check with your accountant or financial adviser to discuss the best option for your personal circumstances. To find out how affordable a novated lease is, contact an ORIX Novated Specialist or estimate your savings and salary impact with our Novated Lease Calculator.

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