ORIX Australia moves to new Sydney HQ

October 2023 by ORIX

ORIX Australia has moved its head office to an incredible new location in Macquarie Park, Sydney. The state-of-the-art space sparks an exciting new era of collaboration and productivity, with features and amenities promoting innovation, collaboration and overall health and wellbeing. Along the way, our people made a long-lasting impact in the local community through donations of equipment and furniture as well as responsible disposal of waste materials.

ORIX Australia Sydney Office

The new head office space at Levels 2 & 366 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, Sydney is equipped with the technology, tools and amenities to empower our people to work together in an environment created to enhance their wellbeing and productivity.

“The new office is a testament to our commitment to our people. This space is not just a building; It’s a canvas for collaboration, a catalyst for innovation, with the right facilities to support how we work now and in the future. It’s a space that exemplifies our vision and values, and an environment to foster diversity that can empower everyone to thrive. This office embodies our belief that when we come together with purpose, anything is achievable,” says Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of ORIX Australia Corporation Limited, Reggie Cabal.


The office is full of collaborative working and gathering spaces, encouraging open communication, idea sharing, brainstorming and team building. The innovative space provides a place for new ideas to grow and skills to be learned. Inspiring décor, flowing greenery and natural light streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows create a welcoming work environment. Functional features such as height-adjustable desks, dual monitors and ergonomic chairs emphasise health and wellbeing. And a revamped front-of-house and visitor seating area offer a great first impression for clients and other visitors.

Lending a helping hand
During the transition, our people donated eight carloads of stationery and office equipment to Marsden High School in Meadowbank, Sydney. Everything from binders and writing utensils to document trays and paper guillotines now have a new home, where they will be put to good use by students and teachers.

Sending some love to ReLove
While moving to the new home, we also made a sizeable furniture donation to ReLove. This registered Australian charity focuses on supporting women and children impacted by domestic violence, experiencing homelessness and/or seeking asylum. In total, ORIX donated the equivalent of eight homes’ worth of furniture, appliances and kitchenware including fridges, microwaves, lounges and lounge chairs, coffee tables, artwork, glassware and cutlery.

Focusing on sustainability
ORIX Australia is committed to upholding our company values regarding sustainability, turning our global focus into action during the move. Our people recycled 42,910kg (42.23 tonnes) of material and equipment over the 4-month moving period. That adds up to 276.49 metric tonnes/month of avoided CO2E emissions*.

* Based on Stopwaste Partnership Greenhouse Gas reductions calculator.

Our new building offers several sustainable features including LED sensor lighting to reduce energy consumption. We’ve also reduced our overall physical footprint – 23% less floor space and 50% less storage space – that will lead to less energy usage. And the Macquarie Park location’s proximity to a bustling train and metro station and bus interchange, as well as the building offering bike racks and end-of-trip facilities, promotes more efficient, sustainable commuting.

new Sydney office kitchen

We’re looking forward to embarking on this new chapter and celebrating team-wide achievements and success that continue to drive sustainable vehicle and asset leasing, rental solutions, and fleet management services to businesses across Australia.

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