Gender Pay Gap

ORIX Gender Pay Gap Report FY23

At ORIX, we aim to build an inclusive culture by harnessing the diversity of thought and the individual differences of our employees. Our inclusive culture provides an enhanced ability to attract and retain diverse talent, increase organisational performance through innovation, and results in a more engaged workforce that delivers an improved customer experience, and competitive market advantage.

Achieving our vision requires us to analyse data to understand our current reality, which then informs our future actions and focus areas that will continue to drive improvements. Our pay gap data is a fundamental part of this process.

It is important to reiterate that we don’t pay people differently based on their gender. The gender gap can largely be contributed to us having a lower proportion of females in management roles as an inherent result of a traditionally male dominated industry and long tenure in many of the management roles.

As we actively work on our workforce composition, we are seeing improvements year on year. An example of this work is illustrated in our FY23 reporting whereby 54% of total promotions were female, and 100% of employees who took parental leave returned to their role. We will continue our efforts and are confident that we will diversify our workforce at every level. 


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