Leasing Options

ORIX lease options include fully maintained and non-maintained leases that provide flexible solutions for both small and large businesses.

With no large initial capital outlay, an ORIX operating or finance lease can help free up valuable capital for other business purposes. Payments are spread over the lease period to assist with cash flow management, with most of the administration and risks associated with managing a fleet of vehicles removed.




ORIX never adopts a one-size-fits-all approach to Fleet Management. In addition to providing the best Fleet Management services, ORIX undertakes a complete fleet review of every fleet and provides recommendations on which of our services are suitable for each individual client.


Operating Lease

The asset and the lease liability are both held off balance sheet and the payments are usually tax-deductible when the vehicle is used to generate assessable income.

With no resale value risk, the vehicle can simply be returned to ORIX at lease end.


Financing Lease

The asset will appear on the company’s balance sheet and offers the opportunity to obtain ownership of the asset at lease end.


Mini leasing

Long-term doesn’t always suit every situation or business, which is why ORIX Mini Leases are the perfect fit for a short-term gap in a vehicle fleet with flexible and competitive daily, weekly or monthly rates.

Fleet management solutions for businesses of all sizes


Access to multi-layered vehicle information is provided via the online platform ORIX OneView. It provides a broad range of customisable fleet reports to ensure comprehensive information is obtained to aid effective decision making.

Acquisition and disposal

The ORIX preferred dealer network and unique pricing allows competitive rates to be negotiated in conjunction with a vehicle disposal service backed by efficient processes enabling a smooth transition between vehicles.

Registration, infringements and e-tags

The management of traffic infringements, registrations and etags can be managed by ORIX to ensure that most of the administration of a vehicle fleet is handled by ORIX.

24/7 accident & claims management

ORIX Fleet Management works to reduce the impact and costs associated with accidents and collisions by providing 24/7 expertise emergency response services, end-to-end claims management, valet door-to-door replacement vehicle hire and repairs to your company vehicle across Australia & New Zealand.

Maintenance and repairs

The team of qualified technicians at ORIX actively controls maintenance costs to avoid overspending and create expert expense control.

Relief vehicle

With ORIX’s fleet of Mini Lease vehicles, business doesn’t need to be interrupted by accident, breakdown or theft. Replacement vehicles can be included in the lease agreement or Mini Leases can be rented as needed.


If you require insurance but don’t have a broker ORIX can help facilitate a quote through AON Australia.

Roadside assistance

ORIX helps drivers get back on the road with 24 hour national roadside assistance to provide services and support – whenever and wherever it’s needed.


Highly competitive discounts on fuel and single card with multi-franchise capability are combined with fuel reporting to create detailed information and a cost effective strategy.

Sale and Leaseback

In a Sale and Leaseback arrangement, ORIX purchases the current fleet assets at the market value and then leases them back on agreed terms.

This solution can unburden a business of fleet liabilities, workload and expense at any stage of the vehicles’ lifecycle, and is an easy way to turn assets into capital that can be used for growth.

The transition can add valuable expertise and dedicated systems, access to substantial savings, and – most important of all – an injection of capital.

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