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It’s no surprise when we say the world is in a state of flux.  Australian businesses are used to adapting and changing to remain relevant to their customers. Some have pivoted their fleet vehicle operations, while others have had their vehicles sit idle for months.

Getting the right fleet advice to support changes in your business is an important part of staying ahead of the pack.  And that’s where we can help.

Fleet management is what we do.  And we do it well.  Whether you’re looking to make short-term changes to your business operations or build your fleet’s resilience for the long- term, our expertise and flexible fleet solutions can help you prepare for anything that comes your way.


Assessing your existing fleet

While it’s tempting to adjust your fleet to plan for a better tomorrow, it’s important to take a step back and assess your usage. A smart approach is to leverage your existing fleet data to understand your current fleet utilisation and make improvements.

We can pinpoint your optimal fleet structure using our ORIX OneView platform that gives you visibility of your entire fleet, identifying efficiencies, savings and opportunities with a clear view of your fleet cost and usage at all times.

Scaling up and down

Increasingly, responding to accelerating business cycles and unforeseen external impacts means pivoting in days, not weeks or months.

Having a flexible fleet allows you to combine long-term leases with short-term rental options.  It helps you scale up or down to reflect changes in your business, minimising vehicle underutilisation and associated cost impacts.

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Your fleet is more than just vehicles

Managing a fleet is more than just buying and running vehicles and containing costs.  It’s a strategic investment. One that needs to be managed throughout your fleet’s lifecycle.

No matter how complex your requirements or the conditions under which you operate, we can give you more confidence and cost certainty in managing every aspect of your fleet. Our fleet management services can help you understand your entire fleet’s performance, safety and costs. We can uncover opportunities and respond quickly to your fleet needs.

Increasing shared vehicle efficiency

Many businesses recognise that having a pool of shared vehicles is an efficient and cost-effective complement or alternative to assigning a ‘company’ car to individual staff.

Shared business vehicles offer greater flexibility but are often underutilised.  With our online carpooling booking system, staff can book and use your vehicle pool as needed.  And you can monitor day-to-day usage and downtime by location to help determine optimal fleet size, composition and location.

Decarbonised Fleet

Fleet driver safety comes first

Safeguarding your people and assets is paramount. It’s also a challenging, time-consuming responsibility. The moment you take your eye off the ball, you could be putting your business and staff at risk.

Having visibility of your fleet driver behaviour can help reduce the risks of managing your mobile workforce.  Our robust telematics platform gives you real-time driver behaviour monitoring, trends and insights.

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