Things you should know about an ORIX Novated Lease

December 2017 by ORIX

A Novated Lease is a great way for an employee to include the vehicle of their choice in a salary package, helping them to optimise their salary while offering flexibility and convenience. The Novated Lease agreement includes finance and discounted running costs such as fuel, servicing and tyres as well as registration and insurance that are all covered in one simple monthly payment.

As distinct from traditional consumer finance arrangements, the finance and running costs included in a Novated Lease are GST free and can be collected wholly or in part from an employee’s gross salary, reducing taxable income and optimising take home pay.

Offering Novated Leasing as a staff benefit, assists employers in attracting and retaining valuable employees, increasing employee satisfaction and becoming an employer of choice. It is most important for an employer to choose a leasing company that will pro actively assist in all aspects of the Novated process.

Why lease through ORIX?

Every business can benefit from Novated Leasing

ORIX can provide a Novated Leasing solution for most enterprises, irrespective of size.

Save money at every opportunity

Benefit from ORIX’s national purchasing power on the vehicle purchase price and running costs such as tyres, fuel and servicing.

Reduce tax amounts and maximise your income

A major advantage of taking out a Novated Lease is that finance and running costs are collected in part or wholly from the employee’s gross salary, and are GST free. In this way, taxable income is reduced, allowing employees to optimise their net income.

Attract the best staff

Attract skilled and talented staff with incentives like Novated Leasing. You can offer applicants and existing staff the flexibility of being able to choose their own car, as well as optimising their salary.

We’ll come to you

At ORIX, we put you first. Our team of Novated Lease Managers hold information sessions for business management and prospective Novated Lease drivers nationwide. The sessions are designed to provide up to date and correct information in a clear and open manner so that all stakeholders are able to make an informed decision regarding Novated Leasing.

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