Big business solutions and corporate vehicle management

Large corporations have specific needs. ORIX offers corporate vehicle management, best-in-class products, delivery and service solutions for big business enterprises.

Stability, focus and independence

ORIX is a global pioneer and an independent organisation – not owned by a bank or vehicle manufacturer – resulting in consistent ownership, financial stability and impartial advice.


Flexible full service product range

ORIX products enable all fleets to run optimally and are designed to cater for the entire vehicle requirements of any business operation, irrespective of size.


Commitment to innovation and development

Online access to multi-layered vehicle information is available 24/7 from the online portal ORIX OneView. Regular review meetings also summarise trends to deliver strategic advice.


Direct and indirect cost savings

ORIX understands the importance of seamless day-to-day transactions and the need to combine this with strategic support on decisions that deliver direct, and indirect, savings over time.

The ORIX team

ORIX employees come from a diverse range of industries including mechanical trades, financial services and fleet management.

This valuable experience and knowledge enables each team member to provide unsurpassed customer service.

Dedication to business quality

ORIX have developed industry leading internal measurement systems that provide critical feedback to management across key areas of the business.

Systems are also in place to continually improve service delivery, speed and quality.

Global network

ORIX is part of the Global Fleet Services, an alliance representing fleet service providers with a combined total of over 2 million vehicles in 78 countries.

This network enables the development of strategic initiatives through bench marking and identification of global fleet synergies.

Independent experts working for you

corporate vehicle management

ORIX Fleet Services

ORIX delivers a comprehensive range of fleet management and leasing services designed to reduce administration costs, control operating risk and optimise fleet ownership expense.

corporate vehicle management

ORIX Novated Leasing

A Novated Lease with ORIX is cost-effective, simple and flexible and is a fantastic workplace benefit with real advantages for both employees and employers.

corporate vehicle management

ORIX Rental Vehicles

With a wealth of expertise and experience, the team at ORIX Commercial can help businesses gain a significant edge through a specialised portfolio of trucks, trailers and 4WD’s.

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