Novated Leasing: The great way to finance a new car

ORIX are leaders in helping people understand and take advantage of Novated
Leasing to finance the car of their choice.


Save tax and maximise income

With novated leasing, finance and running costs are GST free and collected in part or wholly from an employees’ gross salary – reducing taxable income and optimising take-home pay.


It’s easy

Set and forget with an ORIX Novated Lease – the simplest way to save.
Simple repayments straight from the employee’s salary – no matter what type of car, how much they earn or how far they drive.


Huge discounts at every turn

Benefit from ORIX’s national network purchasing power on the price paid for the vehicle, with finance and running costs including fuel, tyres and servicing free of GST.

Retain valuable employees, increase job satisfaction and attract the best

novated leasing

Attract the best and brightest

Incentives like Novated Leasing allow employees to not only choose their vehicle, but also optimise their salary.

Novated Leasing

For businesses large and small

Whether for a business of 10 or 10,000 employees, an ORIX Novated Lease has substantial benefits for both employers and employees.

Novated Leasing

ORIX will come to you

Dedicated ORIX Novated Education Managers run information sessions Australia wide to ensure employees make the best decision – wherever the business is located. Contact the Novated team to organise a visit.

Why choose Novated Leasing?


Flexible and easy

ORIX allows complete flexibility in vehicle choice including choosing the dealer, insurance, lease length and accessories – with the flexibility to pick a new or used vehicle, and a lease term that best suits the budget and lifestyle.

Information Access

Access to market-leading reporting and comprehensive lease information is available via the online portal ORIX OneView which provides helpful and simple information to manage a Novated Lease.


Personalised style

With something for everyone, ORIX allows drivers to personalise new cars with an array of aftermarket accessories including window tinting.


Discounted rates

ORIX’s national purchasing power means fleet discounts on vehicle purchase price, savings on the retail price of windscreens, tyres and batteries – and 10% GST savings on the pump price for fuel.

Lease options

A comprehensive range of options is available to suit individual needs, including Roadside Assistance, Comprehensive Insurance, Relief Vehicle and Lease Protection Insurance.

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