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ORIX is committed to continually bringing innovative products and concepts to the fleet industry to ensure that detailed data is provided for accurate forecasting, in order to create fleet management optimisation and improve efficiency and driver navigation.

ORIX OneView

ORIX provides 24/7 access to lease and rental information through ORIX OneView.

This allows Novated drivers to manage their lease, as well as enabling fleet managers to administer an entire fleet. A wide range of reports is available to help track expenses and manage vehicles that can be customised to meet exact requirements.

ORIX i – Telematics

ORIX i delivers a comprehensive suite of Telematics capabilities, specifically designed for our clients to access via the ORIX OneView platform, providing a uniquely integrated web-based fleet management solution.

In the development of ORIX i we have focused on providing clients with critical insights to enable decisions without the need for extensive data analysis.

Available in four plans featuring a scalable range of functionality. ORIX i provides insights into the performance of any sized vehicle fleet.

As an integral component of our single sign-on client portal (ORIX OneView) we put you in control of your fleet with a single consolidated, data-rich dashboard view. From fuel analysis and e-Tag management, to repairs and telematics, ORIX OneView integrates data from every critical fleet function so you can make informed decisions quickly and easily.

ORIX Share


Minimising fleet cost and optimising efficiency can often come down to an effective pool car booking system.


ORIX has created ORIX Share, an online system to not only manage a pool of vehicles – but any company resource including toll tags – to ensure that fleet costs are kept to a minimum and vehicles are not left idle.

driver navigation

ORIX OneView App

The ORIX OneView App makes it easy to track of expenses and business kilometers. The GPS tracking feature makes its simple to gather and record data to generate an ATO compliant logbook, ensuring submissions are always easy and accurate.

ORIX Novated Companion App

The ORIX Novated Companion App makes it easy for drivers to manage and monitor their ORIX Novated Lease in the palm of their hands. The app includes the following features:

  • Real-time visibility of budgets and transactions.
  • Request a reimbursement.
  • Request a replacement fuel card.
  • Find an authorised repairer.
  • Receive services imminent notifications.
  • Update and view your odometer status.
  • Edit personal and bank details so you are always up to date with our records.

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Driver safety management

ORIX organizes and manages online Driver Safety Programs to identify ‘at risk’ drivers
– providing specific and targeted long term safety solutions.

Driver Safety Programs are directed towards advancing drivers’ knowledge, skills and competencies well beyond the level required for licensing.

In addition, ORIX’s driver-specific exception reporting clearly identifies missed servicing and fuel anomalies to further highlight problem driver behavior.

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