ORIX Australia wins Boomi Innovation Award on global stage

November 2019 by ORIX

ORIX has won international honours for conducting a digital transformation to automate the management of vehicles, allowing it to launch new digital services – an Australian first – to help customers save time and money.

ORIX received the Innovation Award from Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, for using the Boomi platform to link up its vast application environment so that business-critical data is centralised, accurate and secure. In doing so, Boomi serves as ORIX’s core engine for all data exchanges between the company, third-party payment gateways, credit organisations and customers.

With a comprehensive data framework in place, ORIX could develop and launch an end-to-end, online vehicle financing portal specifically targeting small businesses across Australia – an industry first. The service, VOOM, uses data synchronised by Boomi from various sources within an easy-to-use environment to provide a low-touch online platform that guides Australian small businesses through the car buying journey.

VOOM offers the ability to quickly access and compare vehicle prices so that small businesses do not need to visit multiple dealerships, nor become bogged down by paperwork. Since its April 2019 launch, VOOM has saved customers an average of 17 per cent when compared with recommended retail prices. VOOM also accepts monthly payments to simplify cash flow and free up capital to be invested in other parts of the business.

“The fleet industry is amid a whirlwind evolution, with organisations – both suppliers and customers – looking at strategies to modernise their operations; customers are eager for digital services, and it’s our job to create them,” said Richard Hilliard, General Manager – Technology and Innovation at ORIX Australia. “When we looked at how to deliver innovative solutions, we knew integration was key in establishing a strong framework to deliver our services.”

“Underpinning this initiative with the Boomi platform helped create new revenue opportunities by giving us the framework to launch comprehensive services into what is a highly-competitive vehicle financing market,” said Hilliard. “We are thrilled that our digital initiatives – including VOOM – have earned us the Boomi Innovation Award. As we seek to change the way our customers acquire and manage their vehicles, this award validates our vision to innovate and leverage vendors like Boomi to help accelerate our success.”

Ajit Melarkode, Managing Director APJ at Boomi, said, “ORIX Australia continues to launch new, modern services and implement advanced technology projects using the Boomi platform for its data model. Innovations like its VOOM portal demonstrate digital transformations done right; by implementing a strategy to not only unify its operations but make use of invaluable data, the organisation has enabled greater insights for its own business and that of Australia’s vast small business community.”

Boomi named ORIX Australia the winner of the Innovator Award from a pool of international participants at Boomi World 2019. Submissions were evaluated by a team of Boomi executives based on the judging criteria, including transformational impact, creativity and innovation, scope and complexity, and environmental or social impact.

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